Improvisation in Organisations

This blog is an investigation how improvisation can help to innovate and remain flexible. Is improvisation just something actors and jazz musicians use, or is it a style suitable for business professionals to cope with complexity and use their intuition? How can professionals really work freely within the given framework of for example a project plan? What does the world of science say about improvisation?

Transforming Innovation into Business - Expedition Boston

· 6/2/12 · Reblog

Today’s global business environment is volatile and uncertain. That’s why professionals need to be creative, innovative and entrepreneurial. This demands confidence in your field, openness with business partners, and the ability to learn from and share with colleagues. It’s about creating new networks, becoming aware of what you know (and don’t know) and being willing to go a step further.

De Baak’s international business program provides a platform where you can establish new ‘next practices’ that help you face your personal business challenges. You can experience what other leaders are doing in the world, build on their knowledge, and learn to become an effective leader. We’ll help you increase your knowledge and skills, and create opportunities for international experiences. You’ll have the chance to establish a new network of innovators, and explore and respond to your challenges within a safe environment. The program features a two-day module on Innovation at MIT Sloan in Boston, allowing you to expand your portfolio of knowledge, skills, network, and expertise and to create ‘next practices’ which are future-oriented, creative and innovative.